Chris Tomlinson

Chris Tomlinson

Position: Senior Technologist

Chris is applying 38 years of experience in computer systems R&D to help preserve and make accessible Buddhist texts and cultural knowledge. This includes the design, development and support of current and future systems for cataloguing, semantic access, image retrieval and restoration.

A significant component of the BDRC mission is the return and redistribution of texts to lineage holders and practitioners in Asia where most still live. In support of this mission component, Chris manages Palri Parkhang Software, comprising a group of young people in Nepal outside of Kathmandu who restore selected texts from the BDRC archives. These texts are then formatted for printing on laser printers on widely available page sizes that permit low cost dissemination of hardcopies of texts for use in monastic curricula and the like.

Also there are a number of standalone installations of copies of the BDRC archives including the server that provide user searching and retrieval of texts in the archives. These installations are in various monasteries, institutes and national libraries in Asia and Palri Parkhang provides support for these.

The Palri Parkhang Software project provides training for young people in the use of image processing and text input applications as they apply to supporting Tibetan Buddhism. Palri Parkhang also prepares searchable Unicode text input of selected Tibetan texts. Searchable texts increase the depth of access to the BDRC archives.