Help TBRC Keep Scanning Tibetan Texts!

The scanner in the TBRC Cambridge office has lived a good life. Since 2007, it has scanned over two million pages of Tibetan text. But recently, TBRC scanning technician Dega la reports that our eight-year-old scanner, "sometimes works, sometimes doesn't work".

The scanner is old, and doesn't have much life left in it. At TBRC offices in Cambridge and India, we need scanning equipment that will work 100% of the time- and you can help.

Please join us in our end-of-year push to raise $18,651 for a much-needed scanning equipment for our Cambridge office and our fieldwork in India!

The TBRC Cambridge office scanner,
which has scanned thousands of pages since 2007.

What your donation will support

New scanning equipment for TBRC in Cambridge and India means:

  • More scanned pages per day, month, and year
  • Better quality scans
  • More digital content on

Our funding goal of $18,651 supports:

  • Two new workstations for TBRC's field station in India
  • Eight hard drive backups for workstations for TBRC in India
  • Four new scanners, two for our office in India and two for the home office in Cambridge
  • One new camera system for our home office in Cambridge

Two pages from a commentary of Chod, one of the 25,115 unique volumes
scanned and made available by TBRC

Images from one of the 995,754 scanned by TBRC this year

TBRC: a history of generosity

Last year, your support helped us raised $36,000 to upgrade the TBRC server and hardware; now, a year later, we are asking users and friends of TBRC to help us again.

In 2015, we have scanned 995,754 pages with another 600,000 in the immediate processing queue. By donating, you will be supporting the technology that will bring to light another million, two million, three million, or four million pages of Tibetan text.

Thank you for your support – if you think TBRC is a valuable resource, please give as generously as you are able!

A swift and easy donation can be made on the Donation page.

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