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Twenty-four years ago, E. Gene Smith founded the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center 
with the mission to digitally preserve and share Buddhist Dharma texts with the world. Since then the inspirational work he began has transformed the preservation of Buddhist literature. Today the Buddhist Digital Resource Center maintains Gene Smith's legacy by making millions of pages of digitized manuscripts available cost-free to Buddhists and scholars worldwide.


To secure the future of the archive, we invite all our supporters, friends, and users of 
the archive to join us in this vital mission to preserve Buddhist literature for the world.

Will you become a Dharma Protector and join the vibrant community of donors who keep the archive online and ensure BDRC's sustainability?

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In doing so, you will support the lamas, monks, nuns, translators, scholars, publishers, practitioners, and many others around the world who rely on BDRC.

In gratitude we will send you newsletters with insights and articles about the BDRC archive, invitations to exclusive webinars hosted by BDRC staff and associates, and the opportunity to attend events to mark BDRC's 25th anniversary in 2024.


"We have had many moments when we suddenly realized, often in the middle of a retreat, that we needed an important text from our lineage. 
BDRC is the first place we look and we always manage to find what we need. I cannot imagine what we would do in those moments without this precious resource." Mingyur Rinpoche

Dāna (giving, patronage, alms) is the beating heart of the Buddhist tradition. Your recurring donations to BDRC are Dāna.


Accomplished translator Szegee Toh donates because she says :
"Having access to BDRC is akin to having 
the treasure trove of Buddhist scriptures at our fingertips….To support BDRC is to contribute to 
the spreading and flourishing of the precious Buddhadharma."

How do I join?

Become a Dharma Protector by completing a simple form and signing up for a recurring donation by credit card or ACH bank transfer.


You can join in any way that is meaningful and accessible to you. The three chief bodhisattvas represent different circles of giving. Belong to the one that suits you best:

  • Avalokiteshvara Circle of Compassion
    from $10 to $25 a month, or $250 or more as an annual gift


  • Manjushri Circle of Wisdom
    $50 a month, or $500 or more as an annual gift


  • Vajrapani Circle of Power
    $108 a month, or $1008 or more as an annual gift

What does it mean to be a Dharma Protector?

BDRC provides free and open access to more than 28 million pages of Buddhist literature. In 2023 over 125,000 unique users from more than 100 countries logged onto BDRC's online archive.


We are committed to keeping this precious resource free – now and for future generations. This is only possible because Dharma Protectors and other donors support the cost of scanning, cataloging, data storage, IT development, and more.


By making a monthly or annual gift to BDRC, you benefit the lamas, monks, nuns, translators, scholars, publishers, practitioners, and many others around the world who rely on BDRC. Thanks to your generosity, 
the world will continue to benefit from our archive for generations to come.

Would you like to double your donation?

Many employers in the United States have a matching grant program whereby 
they match and sometimes even double any donations you make to registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations like BDRC.


If you are employed in the US, please check with your HR department to find out 
if your employer has a matching program. Please note that BDRC is classified as 
a library science (B70) and humanities organization (A70) rather than a religious organization.


Contact us with any questions at or call and leave a message 
at 857-449-0509.