David Weinberger on the Future of Digital Libraries

We were pleased to host David Weinberger, Ph.D. as part of the Berman Speaker Series at TBRC. A thought-leader, inspired teacher, prolific author, and advisor to several presidential campaigns, Dr. Weinberger has majorly contributed to the collective understanding of the Internet aweinbergernd its impact on our world. He is a Senior Researcher at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

David's talk, "The Future of Digital Libraries," surrounded importance of digital libraries as spaces in which the identities and values of communities can be expressed through data. He articulated the issue that today, many library systems exist in isolation, and so much of the data and metadata that exists cannot be linked to or searched for easily. The remedy he posed was open access, linked data platforms for all libraries. As an open access platform, TBRC is well equipped to journey into the exciting and vital future of the digital library world. It was an honor for us to host and be in conversation with David, and we hope he will join us again soon.

David's talk is available in full on YouTube:

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