Meet BDRC's New Mobile App and Online Library for China

In collaboration with Buddhist Research and Resources Center of Zhejiang University, BDRC is thrilled to announce two significant product offerings: the launch of BDRC's online library for users in China and the release of its free mobile app, "BDRC Lib."

The new website is specifically designed to improve access to BDRC's library for users residing in China.

The mobile app makes it possible to access texts from BDRC's library with a few taps on a mobile touchscreen, whether the user is in a remote area or a major city.

BDRC's Library on iOS and Android

The BDRC App is available on iOS and Android operating systems. Please visit our storefront on the App Store and on Google Play for more information and to download the app for use on your mobile device.

Users can also download the app using these QR codes:


The app's interface is available in Tibetan, English, and Chinese.

The app's interface
The app's interface

Offline Access to Metadata

BDRC Lib features a search tool that works regardless of whether the user is connected to the internet. It gives users the ability to search texts in BDRC's vast repository from anywhere in the world.

Download and Share Scanned Texts

Scanned page images are available via BDRC Lib when a user connects to the internet. This is the first time that texts from BDRC's library have been available for browsing on a mobile device, and we are excited to introduce full mobile access to our collection.

The app's interface
The app's interface

Future Releases

Download the app for yourself or from BDRC's website using the following links:

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