Élie Roux

Élie Roux

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Since obtaining his Diplôme d'ingénieur in Télécom Bretagne (France), Élie has been excited to promote cultural preservation through free software.

He first did so by creating a Gregorian Chant score engraving software that is now used by major publishing companies, encouraging the creation of a collaborative score repository and developing tools for the etymological hyphenation of liturgical latin.

Élie also developed free software for other issues he has a passion for, such as typography (with projects around LuaTeX), calendar calculation and astronomy (including the Tibetan Calendar), linguistics in general and Tibetan language in particular (Tibetan spellchecker, Tibetan collation, analysis and Unicode publication of parts of the Dunhuang corpus and publication of a verb database).

After 3 years developing a learning platform to train the French team for the International Olympiad in Informatics, Élie sees joining BDRC as a great opportunity to use and develop his skills and passion for the preservation of Buddhist teachings.