Sorting Search Results on BUDA

On the new Buddhist Digital Archives site we now offer the option to sort the results of a search. To change how the search results are sorted, expand the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select from the options. 

The default ordering for search results is based on "Popularity." This is a way of sorting the records based on how connected a record is to other records in the database. This means that more prolific writers and more centrally connected works will be moved to the top of the list. For some data types there is a "Created Date" sort feature as well (for Person records it is "Year of Birth"). The "Closest Matches" option will order the results based on which ones most closely match your search, and will ignore the popularity value. All of these options can display results in reverse order (e.g. list People with the most recent year of birth first, rather than the earliest date of birth) if you click the Reverse Order box at the bottom of the menu. This sorting of search results is a new feature for, and it should improve your ability to find the exact records, items, or persons you are looking for.